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Real Time GPS Tracker Android App

Real Time GPS TrackerShow your exact location to your family and friends on Google Maps for free. This is more than a GPS Tracker, this is real live tracking for location sharing. Your friends can also show their location to you. Note: You can locate your friends only if they are running this app!

There are so many reason why people use this tracking app. Examples this app can be used for:

  • Show your outdoor trip live to your family & friends. They can track you in real-time while your are running, hiking, biking, paragliding, or just traveling by train or car.
  • Track your family & friends. Ask them to install this app and you can track each other in real-time.
  • Embed your map into your website or blog.
  • Track your dog: Why buying expensive pet trackers? Use a cheap Android phone and put it on your dog. You can see your dog’s location on the map in real-time.

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Key Features of Real Time GPS Tracker:

– Provides details like speed, elevation, battery level, etc. Just click the icons on the map.
– Send messages to your friends or to the viewers on the website
– Supports Google Maps and OpenStreetMap
– Supports map integration in your private homepage
– Supports autostart
– Supports remote start via text message (SMS) or just via the web portal . Great for battery saving.
– Supports various remote commands you can send via web portal. Ideal for tracking your children or your pets.
– Support up to two KML layers.
– Supports control via location aware apps (as for example Llama)

User Reviews of Real Time GPS Tracker

Went on a 1,200 mile road trip and thought I would try a tracker just for fun. This one installed easy and the default settings are fine, though I tweaked them just a bit. Shared the guest link with a few family and friends at home and at our destination. They had more fun watching our progress. Based texts we received, I joked that our friends are pathetic, “They are spending their entire day watching us drive to Oregon.” With my RAZR plugged in to the car I used a 2 minute update interval so it tracked our road route pretty close – used about 25MB of mobile data over the whole trip. Set for 10 minutes when on battery (car parked, off charger). I like this app – I see my immediate family finding it useful – when I want to be tracked – won’t have it on all the time though. EZ install and worked fine on both my RAZR and Galaxy Tab. – Curtis Wheeler

Been using this for about a year now. Put it on my child phone and then protected it with an app lock so only I have full control, and I also attached it to an app scheduler (called Phone Schedule). It now turns on automatically on its own then off again at the pre-scheduled time. It’s not failed me yet!! As parents we know where the kids are and they cannot turn it off, only I can! – Leo Leo

Had problems with Instamapper on new LG Esteem, decided to try this one. Very impressed! Much more functionality on the web tracking end and more robust and consistent transmission reliability from client side. It does not choke when data connection is disabled, but retries and transmits when it comes back online, a very important feature when one is running a battery saving util like Juicedefender. I can leave this running all day and trust that it will update when it can connect. – A Google User

Real Time GPS Tracker Download

Real Time GPS Tracker Download