PhoneSheriff: The Best Android Spy App for Parents

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There are so many android spy apps on the market today, but the only mobile phone spy application that was developed to specifically help parents monitor their kid’s activity on their phones is PhoneSheriff. It has several unique features that can be used by parents to control the cell phone usage of their children. For starters, this app is not free and you will need to buy it from its vendor. The standard price for PhoneSheriff will cost around $49.97 and that’s already a 1 year license to use the application. Compared to other spy apps on the market, PhoneSheriff is a lot cheaper and best suited to the needs of the parents.

Once you purchased the spy app, you will receive a confirmation email from its vendor including the download page of PhoneSheriff. You will need to download phonesheriff application directly to the phone you want to monitor. After installation, it will go on stealth mode and it will actively track the activities of your kids on their phone. Usually, parents want to know what their kids are doing on the Internet.

Using this application, you can track the URL or websites that your kids had visited and verify if there are inappropriate sites. You can also monitor all incoming and outgoing emails, SMS messages and instant messaging on that particular phone. It’s also possible to hear the actual phone conversations that took place on your kid’s cell phone. You can hear both sides of the conversation and you will know what’s on your child’s mind, especially if they have problems that they are hiding from you.

However, the most notable feature of PhoneSheriff is its capability to block certain functions on your target phone. So, you can block the call function, SMS messaging, web browser, apps for a particular period of time. PhoneSheriff can also blacklist a specific phone number, so it will not be able to call or text the phone that you’re monitoring. Lastly, this spy app is compatible to most smartphone brands and versions on the market like iPhone, Android, Symbian OS, Windows Mobile and BlackBerry. If you really want to learn more about this particular spy app, you can visit their main website on this link

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