Mobile Spy

mobile spyMobile Spy is a great app for parents to keep track of the type of activities taking place on their kids’ cell phone. In order for this spy app to work properly, Mobile Spy must first be installed directly onto the phone you wish to monitor. After installation, it will begin silently recording many activities of the phone and uploading them to a secure online account. This account is only accessible by you by logging in with a user name/password combination that you will create yourself. You can login to this account from any computer, smartphone, or device with internet access. This app gives parents the tools they need to find answers to questions they may have about their kids’phone activities.

It is compatible with major mobile operating systems such as Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry. For a complete list of all compatible phones and carriers, check the compatibility of the smartphone by visiting

Key features of Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy Features

  • SMS Monitoring
  • Social Network Monitoring
  • Call Monitoring
  • Alerts
  • Web Monitoring
  • GPS Tracking
  • App Blocking
  • Contacts Monitoring
  • SMS Commands

Mobile Spy offers many monitoring features to aid parents. Now, it even offers a cutting edge LIVE monitoring feature unlike any other software. All of the features that come with this innovative software are an invaluable tool to help keep track of activities and make sure kids are safe.

Mobile Spy LIVE Control Panel

Mobile Spy stands above all others as the only spy software to offer LIVE monitoring. You can purchase this feature as an optional added if desired. For more information about the live control panel, visit

  • View LIVE Screen
  • Instant GPS Mapping
  • Initiate Call or SMS
  • Lock/Unlock Device
  • Get SIM Info
  • SMS Commands
  • Email Delivery

This cell phone tracking app comes with many features like logs for calls, emails, chats, IMs, photos, videos, apps, contacts and even calendar details. With GPS tracking logs parents and employers would know at all times, where their child. Most of the times kids don’t share correct information of where they are going or what they are doing and that is when Mobile Spy will be of great help.