How Android Spy Software Can Help You

Android phones are on the rise these days and they are becoming more in demand in the market. This is due to the fact that Android phones are more affordable than iPhone. Many people prefer to use Android-based smartphones like Samsung, LG, HTC and so on.

Therefore, if you’re one of the individuals who want to know the truth about your partner, kids or employees then you will definitely need to use Android spy software.

There are many reasons why you need an Android spy application, but for so many people the reason for using a spy application will be the following:

  1. Monitor the activities of the children on their Android Phones.
  2. Track the whereabouts of your employees when they are on the field.
  3. Know the loyalty of your spouse.
  4. Protect your company’s confidential files.

Android Spy software works on stealth mode when it’s installed on your target phone. You should download this app on the phone you’re monitoring by using its web browser. Once you installed the app it will silently monitor all the activities on that particular Android phone.

These activities will include monitoring and recording SMS messages, incoming and outgoing emails, instant messaging, websites visited by the user, pictures and videos stored on the phone, apps used by the phone user and most importantly record all phone conversations. These features are essential for gathering evidences.

The standard price for an Android Spy software will be around $49 to $89; depending on the features it can offer and the number of months you’re going to use the software. Usually, spy apps are also important to companies who issues Android phones to most of their employees. It’s much cheaper than buying bugging devices and it can be more effective in monitoring Android phones.

Companies who develop Android spy apps will also offer you the following advantages:

  1. Free updates of the software.
  2. 24/7 technical support and most of their staff is highly trained to help you in any of your concerns.
  3. Full money back guarantee, so if you’re not satisfied with the product you can return it and they will give your money back.