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GPS Tracking Pro Android App

GPS Tracking Pro keeps your family and friends safe by tracking their real-time location using any Android phone. With the best in GPS technology, this app tracks the exact location of your family members and alerts you when they are in trouble, using the app’s innovative check-in feature.

Track your family using GPS

The app allows family members to locate each other on our mobile map. Parents today are busier than ever so you can use our mobile app to track your child whether you’re at home, work, or on the road.

Use your iPhone or Android device as a GPS tracker:

If you have an Android phone or an iPhone, you can use it as a personal tracking device. Download our app, Install and create accounts on the phones that you want to track. Once this is done the family members (and their phones) will show up on our real-time map.

More about the GPS Tracking Pro Android App:

– Use the check-in feature to let everyone in the family know where you are and that you are okay
– See everyone in your family on our real-time map, along with nearby safety points like hospitals and police stations
– Use panic alerts to let your family know where you are and that you need help

GPS Tracker Pro is also great for tracking lost and stolen Android phones. Once installed on your Android phone, you’ll be able to track the phone’s location via the website. GPS Tracker Pro is the most accurate mobile tracking app available for your Android device, and can also provide navigation to your phone’s location.

The app can help you navigate to any family member, by using GPS technology to track their Android mobile phone. Navigation is great for use in an emergency, when a family member may not be able to communicate where they are. GPS navigation is also helpful on a daily basis.

User Reviews of GPS Tracking Pro

My husband is a line rider and his job has him in desert in the middle of nowhere following gas lines. This app is very helpful as it lets me know where he’s at. I also love the alert button this app has. I have access to his latitude and longitude just in case of an emergency. This app says what it does and it’s free and that to me is great especially since it helps me rest easy when my husband is at work. – Lynette Milian

our whole family uses it. we have a daughter that likes to skip school not no more we know when she leaves home when she gets to it!!! plus we can see if there’s any child molesters near where the kids are at your friend’s house is – brian tornatore

so far this is the only app that has worked flawlessly not frozen and not screwed up on me. very impressed for a free app. I really like how you consume in an actually see the photos of the areas where they’re at. my daughter as a very serious medical condition and this gives me extra piece of mind when I can’t get ahold of her. – Kevin Tracy

GPS Tracking Pro Download

GPS Tracking Pro Download

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  1. Joe Smith

    I think this app might be awesome, according to what it is said about it, but I have the problem that my phone (Sony Ericsson Experia) does not allow me to open a google play account, even though I can surf the net in any other site, so I would say it would be great for situations like this or even for those who just don’t like google to be able to download your app directly from your site, I have done this for the tri-coder app and it is great, thank you and have a nice day 🙂