Mobile Spy

mobile spyMobile Spy is one of the best android spying apps you’ll find. This is because of the wide range of features it has plus the company’s experience with cell phone tracking software.

Who Uses Mobile Spy?

The users of Mobile Spy software are parents, employers, and spouses. Parents buy smartphones for their children and employers issue company smartphones to their employees. A third user would be a spouse who suspects her partner of having an affair.

These three types of users implement a cell phone spy app on the smartphone of those whom they are responsible for to:

  1. Monitor what they are exchanging in text messages
  2. Know their whereabouts
  3. See from whom they are receiving calls and to whom they are calling
  4. Know what they are doing at the moment
  5. Get a clue as to their surrounding environment
  6. Take action in the event that their smartphone is lost or stolen

There are many other situations that you could list here as well. Parents, employers, and spouses are always looking after someone else and the cell phone product from Mobile Spy lets them know the truth about the other person when they are not around.

The Features of Mobile Spy

Mobile Spy Features

Mobile Spy Android tracking software comes with a long list of features that allow the subscriber (administrator) to do the following with regard to the cell phone that is being monitored:

  • View the calls made and received
  • Look at the full text of all SMS messages coming into and getting sent
  • Track the GPS location of the user
  • View all activity initiated from the device’s web browser
  • Collect all videos and photos taken on the device
  • View text messages from other sources such as email, WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook, Gmail, Yahoo, and more
  • Receive 5 different types of alerts
  • View the device’s calendar

Mobile Spy covers all angles when it comes to alert notifications. You can set up profanity, custom, contact, geofencing, and intrusion alerts where you get a notification if any events occur within these areas.

Mobile Spy’s LIVE Control Panel

The Android spy software from Mobile Spy has an optional LIVE Control Panel available as an add-on for a nominal flat charge to the subscription. With the LIVE Control Panel on the monitored device you can:

  • View the screen of the target Android phone
  • Record the Android smartphone’s surroundings
  • Activate the smartphone’s camera remotely and take a stealth photo
  • Remotely lock the Android phone
  • Retrieve the device’s SIM card information
  • Get your log records sent to your email address

With the LIVE Control panel, you get real-time command and control. Plus, with the ability to receive logs in your email you get a degree of flexibility and mobility as well.

Mobile Spy: The Top of the Line

You will find that the Mobile Spy cell phone spy product is among those in the top of the line. This is because they have more perks than others such as:

  • Free 7-day trial
  • 12-month subscription to SniperSpy with your purchase
  • Optional White Glove Installation Service
  • LIVE Control Panel
  • Backing by Retina-X Studios

Mobile Spy’s 7-day free trial is not a scaled down version of the product. It is the full product with access to support and documentation. It is a totally risk-free way to try out this cell phone spy before purchasing it.

How Mobile Spy Works

The workings behind Mobile Spy are simple even though the Android spy app performs numerous functions. While it is performing those functions, everything is silent and the user does not even know what is happening.

It works by collecting the information on the monitored cell phone and then sending it at regular intervals to the Mobile Spy server. Then, you as the subscriber log into you secure control panel and analyze what was sent.

Mobile Spy Android tracking software is almost like having a one-stop solution store for providing anything that you would need to do with a cell phone spy software.

It runs on Android, iOS (iPhone), BlackBerry, Windows Mobile, and Symbian smartphones and you have options when it comes to purchasing. Visit and find out how you can stay out of the dark when it comes to activities of your child, employee, or spouse.